Someday, when we finally have all the images added back into our posts that pre-dated the great and terrible Hacking Incident of 2013, I will finally feel like my Christmas wish has come true.  In the mean time, I will settle for lots of presents.

Here are some that intrigue me.  And, yes, I put Funko Pop Walking Dead dolls on the list again, because 1) Bex already gave me the adorable new “Rick with a knife” doll and I love it, and 2) they just keep putting out more, and they are all horribly adorable.

7. T-Shirts from In the past, I have recommended some of the literature-themed t-shirts from, and I still think that site has some interesting offers.  Out of Print Clothing, however, has a much wider selection of book-themed shirts, and a slightly more reasonable price.  The picture here is of their Origin of the Species shirt, which you will recognize from my DragonCon 2011 picture with the cast of Being Human (well, the two Sam’s anyway. . . you have to look carefully for Mr. Witwer). They’ve got a ton to choose from, so I encourage you to check out the site. Origin

Here it is in action, folks!

Here it is in action, folks!

8. Fluxx, the BOARD GAME!  You know I love me some Looney Labs.  I haven’t had a chance to play their newest version of Fluxx, this one in board-game format, but it looks AWESOME! Perfect for the light-gamer on your list.  FluxxTBG-box_19. Funko Pop Walking Dead dolls, again, suckas!  They’ve got tons of new, adorable dolls to choose from, including Michonne, Michonne’s “pets,” and good ol’ Merle Dixon.  You can also get Rick at every stage in the gradual destruction of his spirit. I can’t get over these things.  They also have just about any other fandom you’d want covered, including Game of Thrones, The Avengers, and Watchmen.  If there’s a collector on your list, you gotta check these out. TWDToys

10. Preacher comics.  Let’s get ready for the re-read together.  Oh, did I mention we’ll be leading a re-read of the Preacher comics in 2014?  You bet we will.  There are rumors that AMC may actually be adapting them into a TV show in the relatively near future, and that news has us all atwitter.  Given the intense violence and total blasphemy of the content, this may seem like a weird suggestion for the holiday season, but Garth Ennis crafted one of the best stories of the 1990s in these comics, and they’d make a great gift for any friend who somehow missed out.  Or for yourself.  Why not?Preacher

11. NASA NESTING DOLLS!!! Listening to The Nerdist podcast, and their recent interviews with several astronauts has re-ignited my adolescent love of all things space.  These nesting dolls are Ahhhh-dorable (or, should I say, “adorkable”?) and any money that goes to NASA is money well spent, in my book. Click the image to be taken to the site for purchase. Nasa12. Hey, remember that time we did the Sandman re-read and Neil Gaiman tweeted about it twice, and then we met him in Charleston and he totally remembered us and now we’re best friends and stuff?  Well, you better believe WE remember it.  So, buy all his stuff, all the time.  Including The Absolute Sandman box-set.  Because, awesomeness. (Note: some of the posts linked to above are still waiting for image re-upload after our hacking incident.  Sorry about that!)AbsoluteSandmanBoxWell folks, that wraps up another year’s worth of gift recommendations.  Next year, I promise: no more Walking Dead dolls or book-based t-shirts. To be fair, Bex took all the Doctor Who stuff this year (hmph!), so I had to rely on my old standbys.

What about you? What’s on your wish-list this year? What great finds have you come across for others?

4 Responses to 12 Days of Geek-mas, days 7-12

  1. Sk says:

    If I was to get one of the collectible Sandman collections which one shoulda get?

    • Proffitt says:

      Well, you gotta start at the beginning! Or, are you thinking of getting the Absolute collection, and have already read the others?

      • Sk says:

        I have read the others and have the individual books. Would like to get a complete volumn but it looks like there are a few different options.

        I have not read the Preacher. Where should I start?

        • Proffitt says:

          Ah, OK, I have the four (or five?) volumes in the Absolute collection, but can’t speak to any others. I do own the individual trades, and a special edition of Seasons of Mist, but I haven’t seen other collections.

          You might want to give Preacher a try. It’s super blasphemous and gory, but the characters are fantastic and the plot is beyond engaging.

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