Bex and Proffitt: Good Girls...Gone Geek.

Bex and Proffitt: Good Girls…Gone Geek.

For Good Girls Gone Geek, the tiny particles of geekery we began collecting in middle school – primarily driven by Proffitt’s hunt for The Lost Boys soundtrack and Bex’ killer supply of vinyl – exploded like a Supernova in highschool. Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and the art of Dave McKean- we began our journey with those who were reinventing the comic book genre. Little did we understand the impact they would have on us at the time.  As we went to our separate colleges, our tastes continued to move in the same direction.

So, throw in a pinch of appreciation for both the genius and the “so-terrible-it’s-genius” variety of horror (we’re willing to admit, sometimes Supernatural is both) and a smidgeon of love for Sci fi done with heart and intelligence (we’re looking at you, Doctor Who, Battlestar Gallactica, LOST). Then, add a dollop of just really hot men- Xander Harris, Sam and Dean Winchester (call us!). And of course, top it off with heaping handfuls of all things Joss Whedon and books upon books upon books of all genres.  You end up with two uber-geeks who just want to talk about it.

And that’s what we plan do do here.  Hopefully, you will join us.  Take a look around! We have a few blog posts up that will give you an idea of our mission here, so please check it out.  If you like what you see, feel free to register or simply comment without creating an account.  We are always looking for feedback, so please e-mail us at if you catch any glitches in the site or have suggestions for improvement.


Most of all, geek out with us, please.  We miss it here in our adult lives.


14 Responses to Introductions

  1. Atta Grrrl says:

    Woh, first time to this site. I picked up a copy of the Lost Boys soundtrack on cassette tape for 20p from a carboot sale when I was about 16yrs old, still have it! *so happy* *so geeky*

    • Proffitt says:

      YES! We knew there were others out there! Who would have thought one little re-tweet from one of the genius geeks of all time would help bring us all together? Huzzah!

  2. Felix says:

    Something about you 2 reminds me of Ghostworld.

  3. Bex says:

    I think that’s a good thing…

  4. Heart says:

    I still have my original Lost Boys vinyl record and the cassette tape :) I remember metting Corey Haim not too long after the movie came out and being on cloud 9.

    You two seem like my type of Geek Girls ;) Feel free to follow me on twitter: @HeartOnDisplay

    • Proffitt says:

      You met him? I think I would have passed out. See you on Twitter!

      • Heart says:

        Yeah I met him once back then and then met him again about 2 years ago – just before he passed away. He was really sweet and invited me to sit and have a coffee with him and we had a great conversation.I’ll post the pic on twitter.Poor guy got the raw end of the stick in life. I was pulling for him.

  5. Bucky Adams says:

    Copy and pasted the web address from a post on imdb. Just gotta say that this seems to be a really cool, geeky website. Not sure if it’s “just for girls”, but am very impressed with what I see.

  6. Jason Gross says:

    Loved the Podcast w/ James. Looking forward to hearing more.

  7. Stewart says:

    I had the misfortune of seeing Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure before seeing Lost Boys… so I never could take “Bill S Preston, Esquire” seriously as one of the evil vampires :)
    I remember back in the day, a friend of mine and I made the observation that movies with the two Coreys (Haim & Feldman) were usually good… whereas movies with just one Corey not so much. Sometimes there were exceptions, but the “rule” usually worked.
    I did like soundtracks, but never had this one. The first CD I purchased, though, did happen to be the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop.. which I bought along with a new stereo system from my first summer job money.

  8. Brianna Huber says:

    Is that a Brave New World t-shirt?! That is AWESOME! I want one! Where did you get it?! :O

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