Christmas will be soon upon us and I’m sure we will be sharing another gift idea extravaganza with you in the coming weeks. Until then, here are some fun odds and ends.

Greeting Card fun- Colette Paperie speaks the truth you should be ballsy enough to share.  I stumbled upon Colette’s cards while visiting my Minnesota friend. We were in a local boutique that was Etsy come to life- I Like You. My friend and I started reading the cards and couldn’t stop. At one point we were crouched on the floor, having lost all composure, laughing and snorting, trying not to pee our pants. Almost every card is perfectection; sentiments you really thought but didn’t think you could say but Colette makes it all funny and cute. Yes they are $4 cards but they are sturdy and handmade. These are the cards a friend will place on their desk or tuck into their vanity mirror and peek at any time they need a laugh.

Here are a few of my faves

There you have it. Hopefully a few laughs and maybe some inspiration. If you have several dollars to spare to share a sentiment with a friend, we hope you check out Colette and give her some business!

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  1. jNark says:

    Mr. Bex approves!

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