Funny story – after getting hacked, we lost all our media files.  OK, not really a funny story, but it does explain why there are no pictures on our picture page just now.  We’re working on getting some back in here.  Thanks for at least trying to cyber-stalk our almost-forty-hotness.



8 Responses to Pictures!

  1. Proffitt says:

    I am sure the day will come that we figure out how to change the order of these pictures so they make some kind of sense and add descriptors. Until then, enjoy the randomness that is Bex and Proffit…and hot guys. Really, really hot guys.

  2. Bex says:

    And really nice guys. They were all so unbelievably accommodating of their fans. They give hugs.

  3. Rochi says:

    I wish they would come to Argentina *.*

  4. Proffitt says:

    I’d love that too! Just another reason to visit Argentina. :)

  5. Bex says:

    I would really really love to go to one of the Canadian ones. To see Metallicar up close and personal would be so lovely.

    • Heart says:

      So would I…too bad it cost ungodly amounts to get in let alone get the gold package with photos with the boys. $700 is a bit steep don’t you think?

      • Bex says:

        I would buy the cheapest tickets and then splurge for the photo shoots. It is a lot of money but in retrospect it was worth it. I had the best time, laughed harder than I ever have before, and was on cloud nine for months. Getting autographs is nice but probably not necessary enough for the Gold or silver package splurge.

  6. Heart says:

    Oh I totally agree Bex, unfortunately I’m flat broke and unemployed, so…priorities you know? :(

    I’m not so much an autograph girl, but really would just love to meet some of the cast. Your suggestion is a good idea though. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it. Maybe if they’re not sold out by the time I get some $$$$$ :)

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