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The Sandman Project has now come to an end. Thank you so much to all who participated.  We had a fantastic time! The posts are still up, of course, and we will absolutely still be reading comments from readers, so if you are new to our site and happen to be reading The Sandman series, click on “The Sandman Project” category tab and you will be taken to all our posts. 

Update, 6/7/11 0- a giant thank you to Neil Gaiman for not only retweeting our link, but sending it out again with well wishes the very next day.  Truly, we are amazed and giggling and crying and laughing and grateful.

The re-read has begun! Read this page, and then click here for the exact calendar and spoilers/trolls policy.  All subsequent entries will be in our our blog.

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers doing “re-watches” these days.  LOST, Buffy, Firefly – They all are getting tons of love from the geekverse and folks are having a lot of fun sharing ideas, laughs and tears as they go.

This summer, I’m taking this concept to the readers – I plan to finally make good use of my Absolute Sandman collection and begin a “re-read” blog as I journey through all four volumes.  I can think of nothing more AWESOME than having this blog heavy on the group participation.  If you would like take part in reading the series together and posting your thoughts, shoot me an e-mail at contact@goodgirlsgonegeek.com or leave a comment here.  Then, get together all the materials you need and get ready to start reading what is, for my money, one of the truest pieces of fiction I have ever read.

Some logistics:

  • The official first post date is set at  June 5th, with all subsequent posts coming at two week intervals unless unexpected delays crop up.  Once we get a feel for how the pacing is working out, I’ll post a schedule with all the novels and the dates I will be posting about each.
  • I plan to built my posts around the graphic novels rather than individual issues of the comics.  This means the one-shots will discussed out of original publication order.
  • If you participate, there are no due dates or assignments.  The schedule will be so you know when I will be posting.  You can read and post comments at your own pace.  If you do want to read (or at least start) at the same pace as myself,  sometime in the next two and a half weeks or so, make your way through Preludes and Nocturnes and you’ll be good to go for the June 5th start date!
  • If you have never read the series before, you are still welcome to participate, but be prepared for spoilers.  Much of a re-read’s fun comes from commenting on foreshadowing and that is likely to ruin a few surprises for those new to the series.
Reading is sexy.

Reading is sexy.

I’m crazy excited about this, y’all.  Lets read some BOOKS.  – Proffitt


40 Responses to The Sandman Project

  1. Special K says:

    OK, I’m in guys!

  2. Dieter says:

    Awesome. Sign me up for some of that action.

  3. deathbecomeshim says:

    Uh, yeah. Gotta get those BIG books out of storage. My originals (Issue 1 signed) are safely 2,000 miles away from me …

    • Proffitt says:

      Get ‘em!…I mean the big books. The originals should stay vacuum sealed in a vault somewhere. Because that’s how we geeks roll.

  4. Bex says:

    Do I even have to officially sign up because, you know I’m in on the action. Plus I’d like to read it along with all the writings about the series that have come out since its end that I’ve been stockpiling but not reading.

    • Proffitt says:

      I’d love for people to let me know if they want to participate so I can put together a mailing list for updates, but it is certainly not required!
      Great idea to read what others have said, or the work of others inspired by the series as you go. Let me know if you find anything amazing and I’ll check it out too!

  5. Paul says:

    Yes. This needs to happen.

    This, and Transmetropolitan.

    And Strangers in Paradise.

  6. I’ll do it with you guys. btw for people with ipads, get the cloudreaders app then you can download any graphic novels you want via bit torrent and you can read along. I have digital copies of all the sandmans if anybody wants them.

  7. Bex says:

    I’ve been freshening up a bit on good old Morpheus and have been reading about the books before I start rereading them. Can’t wait to get all new insights on them a decade or more after I last read any of them.

  8. Sarah-Anne says:

    I would love to join in with this project. Sandman has a special place in my heart and I love spotting all the allusions to other texts.

  9. Proffitt says:

    Fantastic! Sarah, Mark, Craig and Paul, welcome! I’ll get you on the e-mail list for reminders and such.

  10. bonnie says:

    I actually vowed to re-read Sandman all the way through as one of my reading challenges for this year! (in the past I had stopped and couldn’t remember where I left off).

    So I started in January and I’m on the fourth book. I can’t wait for your reading to start, I’ll just kind of drop back in to comment when the books come up that I’ve already read.


  11. RattyUK says:

    Assuming you don’t hit V5 stuff then I have the first four “Absolute” volumes ready to go…

  12. Atta Grrrl says:

    Brilliant idea! I’ve just broken my ankle and fortunately stuck within reaching distance of my Sandman for the next 6 weeks!

  13. DogArtist says:

    Oh! This is such a great idea. Maybe this is the thing that will make me sit down and actually start reading these volumes, as I’ve been intending to do for … you know … a couple of years now!

    Also great blog, nice discovery from Neil’s retweet.

  14. Adam Eagleson says:

    Oh I do hope I’m not too late. You can sign me up

    • Proffitt says:

      Never too late! Anyone can join in any time. We just posted about Preludes and Nocturnes today and our next post, covering The Doll’s House isn’t for two weeks! Plenty of time to catch up :)

  15. Vinicius says:

    Hello! Can I be part of this or you guys already get start it? Im from Brazil, I read a RT from Neil Gaiman today, and I realy like the idea, still have place for me? I hope so…

    • Proffitt says:

      Of course! There is no cut off or limit. Just post whenever you like.

      • Vinicius says:

        Thats great! I think that’s gonna be interesting cause the version of the sandman grafical novels that I got is translate in portuguese and I realy like the conception of the text, but I realy want to know the curious of the translation… :D thanks!

  16. Bex says:

    But of course Vinicius- it’s not too late. Anyone can pop in at any time and add to the discussion. But we just started so you should have plenty of time to catch up. Welcome!

  17. decaturmamaof2 says:

    awesomeness – just saw Neil’s tweet about this reread – I’ll try to keep up (2 kids and other stuff going on), but so excited to re-read these with a group. Some of these I haven’t read in over 15 years! :-)

  18. Gabriel says:

    Hullo! Am another brazilian Sandman fan. Count on me. My absolute edition just arrived last week. I’ll try to conciliate with my ongoing “game of thrones” reading.
    May us all dream a lot.

  19. FatLilPancake says:

    Sounds awesome! I have the series in graphic novel format, some is absolute & some is not. Anything I should be aware of in that regard?

  20. Bex says:

    Shouldn’t be anything to be aware of. I am bouncing back and forth between Absolute and the first run graphic novels. There is one panel in the original run of “Sound and Fury” issue where Gaiman’s note was ignored-a panel of Dream creating the ruby. In the original the shading is red. Neil wanted it to Dream to appear white and that was corrected in the Absolute version.

  21. wegetgeek says:

    I guess I’m along for the ride as well. I have read the first omnibus, and thought it was awesome. So heres incentive for me to finish it.

  22. Danana says:

    I never learned to read, but I’ll happily look at the pictures again ;)

  23. rachel o says:

    Hello,I’m a new fan of your site and hope it’s not too late to join the sandman fun?! X

  24. Bex says:

    Welcome Rachel. Never too late. Thanks for the interest.

  25. Ananana says:

    Arrrghh… Those things always reach me way too late. But I’d be happy to join you now and finally be able to share my thoughts with someone, after everyone I forced the Sandman upon set it aside after either 3 seconds and 4 pages for not understanding anything or 6 weeks and 2 chapters for finding it boring… -.- …

  26. Lyndsay Ryor says:

    I’m in!

  27. sensiblecat says:

    can I join – just heard about this via Twitter. Decided to read the whole lot after being blown away by NG’s amazing Doctor Who episode. I’m already almost through P&N

  28. Bex says:

    Welcome sensiblecat. The more the merrier, jump on in!

  29. RobinRenee says:

    Sounds great! I’m in.

  30. Trisha says:

    I’m so in! It’s lovely timing, one of my two other book clubs just ended.

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